The `` bird '' application is an application on "Android" and "iPhone" phones to deliver any shipment from one place to another except for cash, provided that the captain determines the delivery price provided that the minimum and maximum costs are not exceeded.

About Application

the bird is an application that specializes in delivering your requests and meets your needs for restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies and various purchases wherever you are and at any time.

Quality of Service

The bird is keen on the arrival of the product to the customer as it was received from the source of the service owner after checking the commodity before receiving it from its source.

Convenient Time

We commit to timely arrival.

Affordable Cost

The bird is keen to provide service at competitive prices

How To Use

Simple Ways To Get Our Service

  • Create your personal account so you can choose delivery cabins by price.

  • An online conversation is conducted that includes writing texts, sending pictures or recording an audio clip, and the customer can track the movement of online freight until arrival via the application.

  • The app determines the shipment receipt and delivery location and desired arrival time.

Why Us

  • The possibility of a conversation between the applicant and the connecting delegate, through the application, to talk about the purpose that the person desires.

  • Browse the site through a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • Unprecedented ease of use of the application.

  • The app displays stores and stores in a set of lists, via maps.

Clients Opinions

Mohammed Abdel Moneim

I hope you always succeed and continue.

Hanan Hassan

Great application and I benefited a lot from him to fulfill my requests .. Thank you.

Samir Shokry

The most important characteristic of this application is the ease in communicating with the delegate.

To Contact Us

You can send a message here via the communication service